what we do


wine club sales

From your winery to the tasting room to club memberships and events. We help grow your Direct to the Consumer sales channel.


tasting room staff training

Your story, your wines, your tasting room. You've got the winery and the staff, now let us teach them how to tell your story in a way that builds life-long loyal customers.


winery digital marketing

The packaging, the website, digital marketing. 

You have 7 seconds to make a first impression.  Let us train your staff to make sure it's a positive one.


this is our "why"

The Northwest is known for its World Class wines and we believe the service  (or experience) should match. It's not rocket science - it's also not easy. We'll teach your staff how to make connections through this wonderful world we call wine- which is what sells wine. The experience should match the quality. 

In the 7 seconds you have to capture someone's attention,  your brand voice and the message should be consistent and tell your story. 

From your staff to how the world sees you  (that's digital marketing),  we'll work together to make your winery- and your story- shine.